Entwicklung von HMI-Konzepten
und -Lösungen

Every technology has a physical and a virtual surface. Technology communicates with users via these interfaces. Therefore, I develop HMI concepts and solutions.


Every technology has a physical and a virtual surface. Technology communicates with humans and society via these surfaces. Technological products must create value that make people’s lives faster, safer, better, and more beautiful. To achieve this, usability, user experience and the HMI must be optimally adapted to the target group, usage context and appropriate technology. Technology only has value if it fulfils the needs, wishes, and dreams of its users. Products are successful if they attract the user from the get-go and then exceed his expectations. That is why I develop your HMI solution.


A strictly user-centric approach to concept development is implemented. It starts with a detailed analysis of your clients, users, markets, and history. Tools like Design Thinking and creativity technologies like SCAMPER and brainstorming are used. First concepts are designed based on analyses such as contextual inquiries (context analysis of system usage), benchmarks, trend analyses, task analyses and years of experience. These are coordinated with the legal framework, guidelines, and ISO standards. The concepts are then increasingly refined. Expert and user surveys, usability tests and market and user studies are conducted at suitable milestones. The results are integrated into the concept development. The interaction design, the design of the interaction between man and technology, graphic design and product design go hand in hand. Result is an innovative and inspiring HMI concept that perfectly follows the rules of usability and user experience.


HMI concepts and solutions are developed that create a positive user experience, allow easy access to features, and strengthen your brand and product. You receive reports with analysis and study results, concepts, menu trees, wireframes, graphics, designs, HMI software, and complete systems if needed.