01_ Hello, I am Peter Rössger!

My consulting business beyond HMI///// is focused on usability, user experience, and human machine interface (HMI) design. My goal is to design technology so that it creates value, improves human lives and makes the world a better place. It is noticeably clear to me that we need to know everything about humans to design technology. Not vice versa. The design of technology, of the interaction between human and machine belongs in the hands of absolute professionals. If the human-machine interface is just created “in passing” as a waste product, then products and services will fail due to lack of user acceptance.

I have more than 30 years of experience in shaping the relationship between people and technology, between user and product, between driver and vehicle, and developed solutions and products for my clients that are easy to use, inspiring and successful. I make sure that you make the right decisions with my market analyses, roadmaps, and developments.

02_ Products

The Inspiration

Change often just needs a little nudge in the right direction to make it happen. I set your transformation in motion with my workshops, presentations and keynotes ranging from 20 to 90 minutes.

HMI and Technology Sparring

Imbalance creates ideas. And vice versa. Thinking outside the box creates new perspectives. I open and change your view and your thinking during sparring sessions.

Focused HMI Check

The design of the human-machine interface requires a user focus. I can take your HMI to the next level based on detailed analyses.

Technology Trend Scouting and Roadmaps

Products are planned today that will be developed tomorrow and sold the day after tomorrow. Your success stems from identifying relevant trends and developing the right roadmaps.

Development of HMI Concepts and Solutions

Every technology has a physical and a virtual surface. Technology communicates with users via these interfaces. Therefore, I develop HMI concepts and solutions.

Process Implementation and Project Management 

Successful products have an outstanding user experience and usability. I define your teams, select personnel, train them, and manage the projects.

03_ Projects

Trend Scouting and Roadmap HMI Technologies

A trend-based analysis of future user experiences as well as existing and emerging HMI technologies to create a roadmap for the successful development of innovative HMI solutions.

Roadmap for Interior Components

Definition of a roadmap that reflects the changing role of steering wheels in increasingly automated vehicles and gives clients the assurance that their development resources are being used to maximum effect.

Establishment of an HMI Team, Development of a show car HMI

Personnel selection, training, and process implementation for a team of HMI developers with the goal of building a competitive HMI department. An innovative multimodal HMI solution for a show car was developed as part of the project.

Development of a Show Car for Level 5 Autonomous Driving

A show car, which started with the HMI, was developed, and implemented based on personas, use cases, and scenarios. A user-centric design process allowed for the implementation of completely new concepts and the inspiration for series development.

Development of an HMI Concept for a Luxury SUV

A user-focused HMI solution, covering seven instances, was developed for a luxury SUV. The multimodal concept included interior and exterior displays and smartphone HMIs with a consistent overall concept.

HMI Development for a Plastic Welding Machine

Development of an HMI solution for a series of special machines used in various uncontrolled and harsh environments. The solution is perfectly adapted to users, technology, and operating conditions.

04_ About me

I conducted my first project in the field of people and vehicles in 1987 as a student at the TU Berlin. It was about analyzing the eye movements of learner drivers. After that, the subject of human technology interaction stayed with me until today. Whether at the TU Berlin as a research assistant and doctoral student, at the former DaimlerChrysler AG, at Harman Automotive, at a development service provider, and within my own business: the relationship between humans and technology has always been the focus of my thoughts and actions. I create value by adapting technology to the skills, needs, tasks, wishes, and dreams of users. Not the other way around.

05_ Podcast

Technology is ubiquitous. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, technological devices are always with us. Technology as such is neither good nor bad; our handling of it makes it good or bad technology. The podcast analyzes the current situation, looks into the future and explains how the development of technology can be raised to a new level by focusing on the user.

The Human-Technology Podcast - Introduction

by Dr. Peter Rössger

06_ Inquiry