HMI – Proffesional

beyond HMI/////

HMI Guru. HMI Expert. HMI Punk.

Simplicity. Perfection. Realization.

beyond HMI///// is your strategic partner.

beyond HMI///// is wellness for technology.

beyond HMI///// focusses on your users.


Human machine interface. The interface between humans and machines. Human machine interaction. All technologies, structures, and processes, humans use to interact with technology. And beyond. Analysis. Development processes. Applications.

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We walk your way together with you. We pick you up where you are. We bring you where you belong. When we go, improvements remain. Coaching, not consulting. Knowledge transfer instead of secret, secret. Build an understanding. We lift you up to a new level.

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HMI Punk

We talk. Rights when the going gets tough. We say, the best solution is often beyond existing structures. That you will find the best solution with new thinking only. Openness. Honesty. Your improvement in focus.

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Making your technology accessible. Creating value. Balancing technology. Creating consistency. Reducing complexity. Simplifying but not limitating. Putting the user in control. Allowing personalization. Mirroring mental models. Reflecting abilities.

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User Experience

Loading technology with passion. Creating demand. Fullfilling demand. Making the life of your customers better. Faster. Beautiful. Or just funnier. In all cultures. In every environment. Every use case. For all. For all using your products and services.

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HMI Development

Every product has a cover. Every technology. The cover communicates. Allows communication. Creates access. Makes your product unique. With you we create this cover. Simple. Faszinating. Passionate. The user in focus of the development
process. Needs. Tasks. Targets. Abilities.

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Cross Cultural Usability

Humans are humans. But humans are different. Culture shapes. Cognition. Identity. Use of technology. Means of colors. The perception of colors. The interpretation of icons. We know these diffenrences. We knwo the traps. We design your products for international markets. For your world wide users.

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User Centric Design

The human as the user. The user in focus. Needs, abilities, targets guiding the development. Testing usability. Implement usability. Achieve user experience. With our user centered design process we lift your products to a new level. And inspire your users.

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Society and Technology

Technology embosses societies. Society embosses technology. Cars changed our cities. The Industrial Internet will change our work lifes. Smart phones and mobile computing are essential elements of our lifestyles. We recognize trends in technology an society. We understand markets. We provide you with this knowledge for your products and services.

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