Process Implementation and Project Management HMI Development

Successful products have an outstanding user experience and usability. I define your teams, select personnel, train them, and manage the projects.


The development of an innovative and successful human-machine interface is an art. It requires well-coordinated interdisciplinary and often international teams, deep knowledge of humans and technology, strong personalities, the right mix of qualifications, continuous improvement, and visionary leadership. The HMI, the communication between humans and products, sets standards. Outstanding user experience and usability lead to successful products.


The first step is the analysis of your current situation, the identification of competence needs and the comparison of target processes with existing development processes. The results are used as a basis for selecting, training and continuously coaching your employees. The team is formed based on concrete projects. Knowledge about processes and content is imparted and internal and external communication is established.


An analysis of your goals and requirements in human-technology interaction is carried out. People who can solve the tasks are identified. Training and coaching of your employees in HMI take place through the project to achieve quick, targeted success. The introduction and monitoring of HMI development processes from concept to implementation are the focal point of our operations. I take over the leadership of the teams within the framework of interim management.