Fokussierter HMI-Check

The design of the human-machine interface requires a user focus. I can take your HMI to the next level based on detailed analyses.


Every product has a shell. Every technology communicates with people. The value for the user is achieved through technical innovation. The design of the human-machine interface requires strict user focus and must follow the rules of usability and user experience. However, the focus is often lost during development. Accurate knowledge of processes, functions and mechanisms creates blindness in cases where clear vision is required. I will restore your focus so that you can find and implement the best possible solution.


I analyze your product with a set of established survey tools and years of experience and introduce the user’ s perspective. If necessary, a benchmarking of competitive products is carried out. The strengths and weaknesses of your HMI are found and named. Alternative solutions are shown.


Detailed and tool-based analyses of your HMI solution are performed. Delivery is a report with strengths and weaknesses of your HMI, the presentation of benchmarks and the identification of possible solutions. Concepts for successful products are sketched.