Trend Scouting and Roadmap HMI Technologies

A trend-based analysis of future user experiences as well as existing and emerging HMI technologies to create a roadmap for the successful development of innovative HMI solutions.


Chinese vehicle manufacturer

Initial situation

The mega trends in the automotive industry, for example the C.A.S.E. mantra (connected, autonomous, shared, electric), social mega trends, and technological innovation will significantly change perception, experience, and technology in vehicles. The client was aware that they would have to react to this in the coming years. There was uncertainty about which technologies to focus on, where most time and budget should be invested. Which technologies need to be addressed and when to create which specific user experience?


Creating a clear vision for future developments, to set a benchmark in the areas of user experience and usability, to identify relevant technologies, and the emotions and experiences that they generate. Creating a concept for the entire ecosystem: from marketing, distribution and sales to the use and maintenance of the vehicle. To create a technology roadmap for 5, 10 and 15 years in the future.


Trend scouting for future HMI technologies and future user experiences. The analysis of social, technological, and automotive mega trends. Writing a report and creating a development roadmap for HMI technologies both in and around the vehicle.


80-page report, listing the relevant technologies, suppliers, and user experiences associated with the technologies. Roadmap for developments in 5, 10 and 15 years.


The vehicle manufacturer has a clear vision for technology development in the coming years, it can use focus and budgets to achieve maximum success. It has gained insight into which operations need to be tackled immediately and which technologies will be introduced into the vehicle later. The overall concept developed as a combination of the identified technologies will allow the client to achieve a unique positioning.