Entwicklung eines HMI-Konzepts
für ein Luxus-SUV

A user-focused HMI solution, covering seven instances, was developed for a luxury SUV. The multimodal concept included interior and exterior displays and smartphone HMIs with a consistent overall concept.


Chinese vehicle manufacturer

Initial situation

The client wants to develop and build a premium SUV for the very high-end luxury segment. There are seven HMI entities in the vehicle with displays and voice inputs as well as a smartphone app. There is also an external HMI to welcomes the driver and address him or her personally. The client had no experience in the development of HMI concepts for upper, premium, or luxury class vehicles.


The development of a multimodal consistent HMI solution for all external and internal entities that meets the highest demands on usability and user experience and fits into a vehicle of the high-end luxury class. The different users – driver, front passenger, passengers in the back seat – should find a perfectly fitting HMI solution that allows a consistent and highly intuitive user experience. The premium approach of the vehicle should be reflected consistently and multimodally in all interaction situations.


At the beginning, an analysis of the user group was carried out. They are premium users with the highest expectations regarding design, usability, and functionality. Personas, scenarios, and use cases were developed. A multimodal HMI concept was created for the entire vehicle and the individual displays. The concept for a smartphone app was developed consistently with the vehicle HMI. Selection, integration and management of a graphic design studio and implementation in an HMI demonstrator.


A multimodal HMI concept for seven displays in the vehicle, one app and the external HMI. Complete concept specification for the interaction design, graphics, an HMI demonstrator. A report with the analysis results and formulated subsequent steps for a series implementation.


The client has received a multimodal premium HMI concept, which serves as the basis for the series development of the luxury SUV. The solution fits the demanding target audience perfectly. The entire car is perceived and defined via the HMI and the interactions between users and vehicle.